St. Paul the Apostle Church. 14085 Payton Dr. Chino Hills, CA. 91709 Phone: (909) 465-5503

St. Paul the Apostle Church

"No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in union with us, and his love is made perfect in us."

John 4:12

St. Paul the Apostle Church. 14085 Payton Dr. Chino Hills, CA. 91709 Phone: (909) 465-5503
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St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church   Chino Hills, California

Pastor Fr. Romy Seleccion
Pastoral Associate Deacon Paul Von Ins
Parochial Vicar Fr. Michael Sturn
Parochial Vicar Fr. Joseph Pilotin
Deacon Deacon Pat Martinez
Deacon Deacon Tony Morales
Business Manager Tacie Adams
Director of Catechetical Ministries Jeanie Kiefer
Director of Music and AV Phil Arkfeld

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Important Announcements:

A memorial Mass for Fr. Tom Mullen will take place on Friday July 31st at 7:00 pm, May he rest in peace-love-joy.
Are you attending Mass on a regular basis. The only way I can identify you for a reference letter is for you to place your envelope in the collection basket. Please help me to be able to identify your participation. Thank you, Deacon Paul.
Ministry Center Pledges
Are you participating in our Parish Ministry Campaign? Just remember no donation is too small. We ask for your participation in this wonderful facilility. Bless those who give what they can. Please use the BLUE envelopes for your donation. Have you ever needed a place to meet and been told “there is no room in the inn”? We are out of space here at St. Paul the Apostle for classes and meetings. Join as we “accept the challenge”.
Did you forget your envelope again, can't find a pen, left your envelope in the car? Sign up with on-line giving - a secure way to make your donations from your computer or phone with an internet connection.
Need to make a change to your contributions, not a problem, just go on-line and make the changes. It's your personal site. Click here to sign up now.
Our new property for all of our Ministry programs is under construction. Bldg #2 is ready for our Confirmation retreats. We are working with the City, engineers, architects and contractors to begin the on site and off site improvements. Keep us in prayer. Come join us as we expand our St. Paul the Apostle community.
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults):
All of us are on a faith journey.
For those who wish to explore the faith of the Catholic Church or for those who seek a fuller communion with the Church.
Join us as we share the faith and teachings of the Christian faith given by Christ 2000 years ago to the apostles. This program is open year round. Come join us at anytime. For more information call the parish office - 909/465-5503.
Religious Education/Catechetical Ministries
Contact the Office of Catechetical Ministry at 465-5503 x 6370 or Click Here for more information..